The Vision of the Mornington University College (MUC) is to be one of the internationally recognized business colleges. MUC are dedicated to provide the most innovative, hands-on and results-oriented learning facilities for students in Bangladesh.

Reasons for you to choose Mornington University College (MUC) to make your career dream a reality:

  1. You gain hands-on and career focus skills by learning realistic concepts practised in classroom environments. By the time you graduate, you will be ready to start your chosen career.
  2. You will learn the best skills and the knowledge to succeed in the 21st Century.
  3. MUC strive for the highest quality standard in all aspects of the operations through our partnership with various institutions and industries.
  4. MUC brings internationally recognized qualifications locally so you don’t have to leave your loved ones to fulfil your dreams.
  5. You study in an educational environment created by a management team, trainers, mentors and guest teachers from national and international institutions.
  6. You don’t have to pay huge tuition fees to study abroad because we offer the most cost-effective programs without comprising the quality.
Name of the course Mornington price Shaprime Price
Hospitality Management 70,000.00 54000
IELTS 6,000.00 3600
IELTS Life Skills 10,000.00 6000
Responsive Web Page Development 6,000.00 3600
Graphics Design with Freelancing 6,000.00 3600
Spoken English 3,000.00 1800
Android Apps Development 8,000.00 4800
Digital Marketing 8,000.00 4800
Computer Office Application (Govt. Approved Certificate) 3,000.00 1800


Instruction and Booking policy:

  • The price might be revised which depends on the organization

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Hospitality Management, IELTS, IELTS Life Skills, Responsive Web Page Development, Graphics Design with Freelancing, Spoken English, Android Apps Development, Digital Marketing, Computer Office Application


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